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Executive Function Support and Resources

Hellos, Ms. Gomes, I'm just contacting you to send some thanks your way for the help we were able to get from your site! Over the lockdown period, my daughter was still fairly new to high school. This was when we really noticed how much she was struggling with school but didn't fully understand how to address it because we didn't know the causes. She was diagnosed with ADHD, and we are working on coming up with a game plan for her to hopefully thrive in college from here on out, so together we've been looking for advice and tips that she can utilize, and that's when she came upon Confidence Youth Coaching's page and showed me. I think she is excited to work toward some solutions so we are very grateful for the info!
High School Parent


"Rosa, we sincerely appreciate the past two weeks that have brought immense happiness, excitement, and positive anticipation into our daughter's life. We are deeply grateful to you for creating such impactful opportunities for our children. Thank you for all you do."
High School Parent

Social Emotional Learning

"Our son's experience with Rosa and CYS has been great. She has been instrumental in helping him set goals, develop executive function, personal and social emotional skills. We've observed significant improvements in his confidence when interacting with classmates and initiating friendships. At home, he's becoming more independent, which is fantastic to see. For the past two years, he eagerly anticipates attending CYC's after school Social Emotional Learning (SEL) group and thoroughly enjoys their "Hang Out" summer camp."
Middle School Parent
"Sincere appreciation to Rosa Gomes and Confidence Youth Coaching (CYC) for the support, guidance and confidence you have given our daughter. Not only have you been a trusted professional, but you have also become an invaluable mentor for our daughter. You have provided an environment where our daughter feels safe, understood, supported and empowered. Your expertise extends beyond the school setting, as you have been instrumental in offering specialized private services."
Cecilia & Jason
High School Parents
My daughter with ASD and ADHD has been going to Confidence Youth Coaching Group for two years now. She loves this group, and Ms. Gomes provides her student's group with a safe and fun place to learn social skills and executive function skills. She takes them on excursions in the community where they learn to be independent, manage money, order lunch/dinner at restaurants, use public transits, and socialize. My daughter's confidence and skills have grown. In addition, as an Educational Advocate, Ms. Gomes has been invaluable. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience with the public school system. I found all the paperwork and wording very confusing. She helped me to navigate and understand the paperwork and our legal rights. She helped me understand my child's situation and choices. This helped me be a better advocate for my daughter, and make informed decisions for my daughter. Rosa Gomes is passionate, and devoted to her work, and I recommend highly recommend her.
Kathy-an appreciative
Middle-School Mom