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About Us


Rosa Gomes

Founder/Counselor/Coach, M.Ed, CAGS, QMHP-C

I founded Confidence Youth Coaching (CYC) with the mission of supporting this generation in discovering their purpose, realizing their maximum potential, thriving, and cultivating a positive life. I firmly believe that today’s youth possess the capacity to surmount challenges emerge as leaders, serve as role models, and set a compelling example for future generations to follow suit. 

Why I Counsel, Coach, and Mentor

Empowering Young Lives with Compassion and Expertise

With 23 enriching years as a school counselor, I’ve dedicated my life to empowering children, teenagers, and young adults from diverse backgrounds, specializing in aiding those who are neurodiverse and facing various challenges. My journey involves extensive direct engagement with students struggling with academics, transitions, school avoidance, social emotional and mental health concerns, socio-economic, cultural, and linguistic barriers.

I’m deeply passionate about providing holistic services, focusing on academic guidance, career and life planning, risk-prevention, social emotional, and overall mental wellness, with a priority on addressing immediate needs to foster overall well-being and resilience.

Having served as a trusted confidant for thousands of students and families, I understand the stresses of the academic and emotional developmental years. My mission integrates my life experiences, professional training, and expertise to make a significant positive impact on young lives and their families.

It’s an honor and a privilege to be a steadfast support and a trusted professional, dedicated to nurturing resilience and fostering growth in young individuals, families, and communities.


Rosa earned her Master’s in Education with a focus on Psychology and School Counseling from Cambridge College and further enriched her academic prowess with a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies (CAGS) in Leadership and Management from Fitchburg State University. She holds a Professional License from the Virginia Department of Education, endorsing her proficiency as a School Counselor, Social Worker, and in Administration/Supervision (PreK-12). Additionally, Rosa is registered with the Virginia State Board of Counseling as a Qualified Mental Health Professional-Child (QMHP-C).

Unique Areas of Specializations

Rosa is a seasoned Professional School Counselor and Social Worker, specializing in PreK-12 education, with profound expertise in Academic Planning, Cultural Competency, and School Program Development. She is adept at addressing the needs of students with ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and Learning Disabilities, focusing on the creation and execution of Individual Education Plans and 504 Plans. Rosa’s comprehensive training in Trauma-Informed Recovery enables her to deliver impactful interventions and apply a range of counseling modalities including CBT, Solution-Focused Therapy, and Mindfulness. She is proficient in implementing National Evidence-Based Social Emotional Learning Programs and Executive Function Programs, demonstrating a commitment to enhancing mental health and academic success for diverse student populations.

Fun Facts

First Generation College Graduate, Immigrant, Trilingual (English, Portuguese, Creole), and a Licensed Real Estate Agent. Cherish Family, Friends, and Time Together Cooking Cultural Dishes. I Wish That I Had the Power and the Financial Means to Heal Mental Illness, Stop Hunger, Homelessness, and Inequality. I Wish That I Could Make People Be the Happiest and Healthiest Version of Themselves. I’m An Outdoors Person, I Love Nature, Butterflies, Sunny Summer Days, and Beaches. I Appreciate Alone Time, Love Traveling, Biking, Hiking, Working Out, and Researching Studies in Psychology/Theories, Brain Function, and Teen Mental Health.