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Academic, Career & Life Planning and Parent Consultation


Academic Tutoring, College, Career & Life Readiness

Academic tutoring, college, career, and life planning refers to a holistic approach that helps individuals develop a strategic and thoughtful path for their educational, career, and personal lives. It involves setting goals, making informed decisions, and taking actions to achieve success and fulfillment in these areas. 

College, career, and life readiness refers to the skills and knowledge individuals need to succeed in their future aspirations, whether it be in higher education, the workforce, or everyday life. It includes a range of competencies such as critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and self-management. 

Academic counseling/coaching/tutoring: is a form of personalized support that helps students improve their academic performance, develop effective study skills, and achieve their educational goals. It involves working with a coach to identify areas of strength and weakness, set goals, and develop a plan to achieve those goals.

Academic coaches provide guidance, motivation, and accountability to help students stay on track and overcome any obstacles they may encounter during their academic journey. At CYC, we are dedicated to helping neurodiverse students excel academically and reach their full potential.

Parent Consulation Services

Our Parent Consultation Services: are designed to cater to your unique needs and offer flexible options to ensure maximum convenience and effectiveness. Whether you prefer in-person or virtual sessions, and whether you require a single session or a series of sessions, our services are tailored to provide guidance, innovative tools, resources, strategies, and support to enhance your children’s academic performance, social-emotional well-being, executive function, personal development, and address any challenges they may be facing.

During our consultations, we will work collaboratively to identify specific areas of concern and develop actionable plans that can be implemented at home, in school, and within the community. Our aim is to empower you with the knowledge and tools necessary to support your children’s growth and development.

We understand that parenting can be a continuous journey, and ongoing support and guidance may be beneficial. Therefore, we offer continued support, mentorship, feedback, and training to parents who require ongoing assistance. Our commitment is to ensure that you feel equipped and confident in your role as a parent, and we are here to provide the necessary resources and expertise to help you navigate any challenges that may arise.

Academic Tutoring

CYC offers specialized academic tutoring services for neurodiverse students in core classes. Here’s an overview of our specialized tutoring program:

1. Individualized Approach: We understand that neurodiverse students have unique learning styles and challenges. Our tutors take an individualized approach, tailoring the tutoring sessions to meet the specific needs of each student.

2. Core Subject Expertise: Our tutors specialize in core subjects such as Math, English, Science, and Social Studies. They have in-depth knowledge of the curriculum requirements and can provide targeted support in these areas.

3. Differentiated Instruction: We employ differentiated instruction techniques to adapt the tutoring sessions based on the student’s learning pace, style, and strengths. This ensures that the student receives personalized instruction and support.

4. Multi-Sensory Teaching Methods: Our tutors utilize multi-sensory teaching methods to engage neurodiverse learners. By incorporating visual, auditory, and kinesthetic strategies, we cater to different learning preferences and enhance understanding and retention of the material.

5. Metacognitive Strategies: We teach metacognitive strategies that help students become aware of their thinking processes and develop self-regulation skills. These strategies empower students to plan, monitor, and evaluate their own learning, fostering independence and self-directed learning.

7. Executive Function Support: In addition to academic content, our tutors also address executive function skills such as organization, time management, and study skills. These skills are crucial for academic success and are specifically targeted to support neurodiverse students.

6. Building Confidence and Self-Efficacy: We focus not only on improving academic performance but also on building confidence and self-efficacy in our students. Our tutors create a supportive and encouraging learning environment that fosters a positive mindset and a belief in one’s abilities.

8. Collaboration with School: We collaborate with schools and teachers to align our tutoring sessions with classroom instruction and assignments. This ensures that our tutoring complements and reinforces the student’s learning in school.

9. Regular Progress Monitoring: We regularly monitor the student’s progress and provide feedback to both the student and parents/guardians. This helps track growth, identify areas for improvement, and celebrate achievements.

College, Career & Life Planning

When it comes to planning for your future, CYC is here to provide comprehensive support in college, career, and life planning. Our services are designed to help students navigate the academic landscape and make informed decisions about their educational and professional paths. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Academic Guidance: We assist students in creating a personalized academic plan to achieve their educational goals. This includes selecting courses, understanding graduation requirements, and developing a timeline for completing diploma or degree requirements.

2. Diploma Options: We provide clear explanations of the different diploma options available, such as the Standard Diploma and Advanced Diploma, and help students determine the best fit based on their interests, strengths, and future aspirations.

3. Standardized Testing: We offer guidance on state standardized testing, including preparation strategies and understanding the importance of verified credits (such as SOL) in meeting graduation requirements.

4. Post-High School Planning: Our services extend beyond high school, helping students explore post-secondary options such as college, vocational training, or career pathways. We assist in identifying career goals and interests to align educational choices with future aspirations.

5. Parental Involvement: We recognize the crucial role parents play in supporting their child’s academic journey. We provide resources and guidance to help parents understand the academic planning process and empower them to make informed decisions alongside their child.

Individual Parenting Consultation

Our consultation services provide support and guidance for parents and guardians who need help:

  • With academic planning and strategies for their children.         
  • Social-motional support              
  • Addressing Executive function development and Personal growth, or overcoming specific challenges.                                          
  • Advocating for their child in school                                                 
  • Finding resources and referrals                                            
  •  Our Parent Consultation Services are designed to meet your needs. We are dedicated to supporting you in creating  an environment that fosters your children’s success, well-being, and overall development                                         
  • We offer collaborative feedback and practical recommendations to help you overcome barriers and achieve your goals. It’s a great opportunity to discuss concerns, track progress, and get the support you need as a parent.