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Inspiring teens & young adults to find their purpose & greatest potential

Executive Function, Personal Development, & Academic Support Through 1:1 Coaching. Let’s Discover How to Unlock Your Teen’s Greatest Potential.

Is your Teen feeling overwhelmed and stuck?

Absolutely, young individuals frequently encounter challenges in acquiring essential life skills, which can lead to a sense of being trapped. Many struggle with the process of self-discovery, uncovering their true potential, setting goals, nurturing self-confidence, making decisions, building resilience, and developing the necessary coping abilities for a successful life journey.

 According to a 2014 study by the American Psychological Association ( in both school and college reported that their biggest source of stress is related to school. Many struggle with transition, adjustment, academic pressure, self-identity, independence, peer pressure, social emotional and mental well-being. Recent clinical studies have found that school-age teens are more stressed and at higher risk than any other age group.
Youth Risk Behaviors Survey (2019) findings concerning students ages 14-18, reported that 36.7% had persistent feeling of sadness, or hopelessness. In 2021 finding, it was reported that 42% of high school students felt so sad or hopeless almost every day, for at least two weeks that they stopped doing their usual activities (that’s more than 4 in 10 students), and nearly one-third (29%) experienced poor mental health (http://Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance Data Summary & Trends Report: 2011-2021

If Your Teen is Struggling in Any of These Areas, We Can Help.

Benefits of Personal Life Coaching

Our Transformative CoachingServices

Executive Function (EF)
(ADHD & Anxiety)

Executive function, often referred to as "EF," includes mental abilities that help us plan, organize, start and finish tasks. These "EF" skills are essential for supporting neurodiverse students in becoming independent learners. They involve things like setting priorities, getting started on tasks, making plans, staying on track, and dealing with distractions. "EF" also boosts memory, flexibility in thinking, and self-control. Learning these skills can reduce stress and anxiety and improve academic success and personal growth.

Social Emotional Learning (SEL)/Wellness

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is about learning essential skills such as self-awareness, self-control, social awareness, problem-solving, responsible decision-making, empathy, and fostering healthy relationships. By putting these skills into practice, individuals can effectively reduce stress and anxiety, nurture a positive mindset, boost confidence, enhance self-esteem, build resilience, and steer clear of at-risk behaviors.

Educational Advocacy & Consultation

We provide training, support, and mentoring services for parents, students, professionals, and organizations engaged in special education. Our objective is to equip individuals with the tools and knowledge necessary to gain a deeper understanding of neurodiverse students, their diagnoses, learning styles, disabilities, and legal rights.

Academic Tutoring & Mentorship (Gr 6-12)

Our academic tutoring services focus on tailoring support to individual students, addressing their specific needs, strengths, and challenges to meet graduation requirements. We also provide guidance to parents and students in middle and high school, helping with course selection, schedules, college, career planning, and life transitions. Our goal is to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge for success in higher education, the workforce, or everyday life.

Summer Camp

For young individuals, summer represents a crucial period to stay active, socialize, enjoy themselves, build friendships, and forge meaningful memories in a positive and constructive manner. Our distinctive Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)-centered program fosters values like kindness, patience, inclusivity, teamwork, and open dialogue. Campers collaborate to organize activities and excursions, nurturing a strong sense of unity within the group.

Rosa Gomes
Founder, M.Ed, CAGS, QMHP-C

Hi, I’m Rosa!

With over 23 years of professional experience as a former school counselor in urban schools, I am deeply devoted to offering tailored assistance in academics, social-emotional and overall mental wellness to adolescents and young adults. My approach is holistic,  solution-focused and supportive, aiming to aid young individuals in navigating daily life stressors and fortifying their psychological resilience. I firmly believe in the inherent strengths that each person possesses to overcome challenges. As a culturally competent professional, I aspire to be a trusted provider, confidant, role model, and mentor.

A Solution Focused Approach

How It All Works

Step 1

Book A Free Consultation

Schedule a no-obligation 30 minute consultation for us to get to know your child’s needs and goals.

Step 2

Start With Two Months

If we are a match, and you want to proceed with services, we will work with your child for one hour a week over eight (8) weekly sessions.

Step 3

Make a Decision

We will assess and recommend the course and plan options to continue with services.

Step 4

Let Us Coach Your Teen

We will work as your child’s personal mentor-coach, ensuring a consistent growth and progression that will have a lasting impact.